Questions frequently asked:

1. Can AluRestore be used for retro fitted double glazed joinery?

Yes. Choose any powder coat colours you want for the retrofits and we will complete the rest of the frames to match. (It is suggested to seek our advice on colours such as the “Metropolitan” or metallic range before retro fitting double glazing).

2. Can I get repairs done at the same time?

Yes. AluRestore applicators can replace catches, stays and handles to your requirements. No need to engage 2 tradesmen – AluRestore can look after it all for you.

3. Does AluRestore damage the rubber seals?

No. Everything is left intact and clean. But if they are worn or split we will replace them with our new window seal after recoating is complete.

4. Is it going to cost more to change the colour?

No. Basically any standard powder coat colour can be applied. This means that the old brown and bronze can be updated to the latest fashion colours adding street appeal to your house.

5. How durable is AluRestore?

Our warranty covers 7 years. Existing projects over the last 16 years are still in excellent condition. Our coatings are easily maintained with a light wash.

6. How long will it take?

An average 3 bedroom home may take a week or 2 with minimum fuss and little disturbance to the occupants of the house.

7. How does it compare to replacement of the joinery?

The cost of AluRestore is a fraction of the cost of full replacement. The additional benefit is there is no disruption to the integrity of the house with the damage removal might cause. Some windows cannot be removed easily at all because of the type of construction.



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